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I want to give a huge thanks to the Bailey Brothers. Their online talk show single-handedly inspired everything you see here. The combination of their many years of experience with fish and the old-time fish store atmosphere of their show creates a wonderful audio experience for fish heads everywhere. I found their show archives around January of 2007 and began listening to them one after the other. The rest is history! and


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Nashville Aquarium Restaurant

Where to eat with the fishies!

Imagine eating in a restaurant that has a 200,000 gallon aquarium right in the center! Be sure to visit the Nashville Aquarium Restaurant Photo Gallery to see what that would be like.

a fish at the aquarium restaurant in Nashville, TN

Newport Aquarium Photo Gallery

We've got nearly 150 pictures from the Newport Aquarium located just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, OH. Newport Aquarium Photo Gallery.

anemones at the Newport Aquarium

Bare-Bottom Tanks

Go gravel-less in style

So you've decided to have a bare bottom tank, but can't stand all the glare? We've got an easy solution that looks just like natural sand! Click here to see the project.

sand bottom fish tank